Showroom Visits


If Clerkenwell in London is within your reach, why not join us for a showroom visit or tour?

It’s one of the best ways to compare products, finalise choices and agree specifications.

BlockO, Abstracta, AllSfär & more...

Many of the companies we work with have showrooms in Clerkenwell. They're all within easy walking distance of each other and what can be achieved by a showroom visit or tour is extraordinary. You also get to meet the people behind the products!

Bring your plans to life!

If you have plans bring them with you! We can explore the options and choose exactly the right products for every aspect of your project. No plans? Don't worry, we can help you to produce them!

Complimentary Furniture

We appreciate that there is often more to a project than acoustics. A complete and coordinated look is often required so we work closely with a select number of furniture manufacturers whose products perfectly compliment our acoustic products.