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MUTE creates an acoustic barrier between individual spaces and divides them optically without requiring any permanent structural changes to the space.

Acoustic hanging dividers also significantly reduce echoes and improve communication in the business environment.




SOFT is our entry-level category, made from BOMBAY fabric for an emphasis on effortless functionality.

The PVC exterior is water-repellent and sleek, designed to complement any professional workspace.


Our AMBIENT selection comprises two appealing fabric choices: the irresistibly soft ASPECT, made from 75% flame-retardant Trevira CS, or the durable WOOLLAND, with its natural wool fibres, water-repellent and flame-retardant finish.

With either choice you’ll enjoy superior comfort and functionality.


PULSE blends high-end fabrics with wood and metal components for a striking visual contrast.

Our enticing BLAZER, SYNERGY, FAME, BREEZE FUSION and WOOLLAND QUILT fabrics are exclusively sourced from verified partners who place a high premium on quality.

As stimulating to the eye as they are to the touch, PULSE designs feature vibrant quilted arrangements with warm colours that promote creativity and enthusiasm.