You don’t have to use cash or bank facilities to fund your acoustics project! Instead of tying up large amounts of capital, a smart alternative can be to use a lease facility.

AFB has partnered with Plus Finance who specialise in providing leasing options for the workplace furniture and interiors sector.

Leasing offers many benefits including quick decisions on finance, planned fixed payments, tax advantages and more.   

Increased use of alternative finance

The finance landscape is changing; businesses are moving away from traditional methods (bank loans & overdrafts) and increasingly using alternative finance options including leasing.

Maximise cash flow - no large upfront payment

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Leasing means no large up-front payment so you keep the cash in your business, preserving liquidity and freeing up valuable working capital for use elsewhere.

Fixed payments for accurate budgeting

Unlike other methods of finance, payments are fixed for the duration of the lease period making budgeting more accurate, and eliminating unexpected variations such as increases in interest rates.

Tax advantages

If you lease your furniture project, the repayments are 100% allowable against taxable profit.

Existing bank credit lines unaffected

Leasing leaves your bank credit lines intact and free for other business development or investment purposes.

Spread the payments: pay for the asset as you use it

Spread the cost with regular payments so you pay as you benefit from the asset, not upfront. Terms available from 2-5 years.

Quick decisions

Securing a lease facility is far quicker than obtaining a bank loan or overdraft extension. For straight-forward proposals it can even be done in a matter of hours!

Get the best solution now!

Current budgets will dictate the scope of your project, but with flexible payment options to suit your business, leasing allows you to achieve the specification of your choice so you’re less likely to have to make short term compromises.


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