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Room Acoustics

Calculations and computer modelling of spaces in order to investigate the reverberation pattern in rooms intended for speech and music (e.g. Meeting and Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Lecture Theatres, Auditoriums).

Room absorption specifications are provided in the form of panels, baffles and rafts in order to optimise the acoustic environment.

Acoustic Design Advice

Review and analysis of architectural drawings and details to provide tailored recommendations for additional acoustic treatment and detailing where necessary.

Projects include residential, commercial, industrial, educational, hospitals and infrastructure.

Sound Insulation Testing

Clement Acoustics is a UKAS accredited company for sound insulation testing and offers a simple and cost-effective way to achieve compliance with Building Control requirements.

Building Services Noise & Vibration

Assessment of building services and specification of mitigation including attenuators, enclosures, cladding, screens and anti-vibration mounts.

Licence to Alter

Lease requirements may stipulate performance requirements when changing carpets to timber floor finishes etc..

Clement Acoustics is able to provide detailed design advice in order to target the License to Alter requirements.


Acoustics and Planning

Clement Acoustics provide acoustic consultancy services to aid planning applications for all types of projects.

Developments worked on include a range from large residential, commercial, medical, industrial, entertainment and infrastructure projects all the way down to small flat-conversions and single air conditioning units for residential developments.

Noise Impact Assessments

Typically, before introducing a new noise source to the environment, a Noise Impact Assessment will be required as part of the planning application process to assess the potential impact on any nearby residents.

Clement Acoustics has extensive experience in undertaking Noise Impact Assessments for a wide and varying range of projects.

Air Source Heat Pump Assessment

Heat pumps are an alternative source of heating to that currently provided by gas boilers. The government is encouraging heat pumps in order to reduce greenhouse gases.

Clement acoustics provide Noise Impact Assessments to aid compliance with Local Authority planning conditions.

Noise Exposure Assessments

Clement Acoustics provide surveys and external building fabric assessments for all types of developments and provide performance specifications for glazing, ventilation and cladding.

Noise Modelling

Noise Modelling is a tool used in acoustic assessments, whereby a proposed site, noise sources and its surroundings are modelled in a 3D virtual environment.

Clement Acoustics has extensive expertise in this field.

Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring

Noise, vibration and particulate matter (dust) impact can be a serious concern for any site that is in close proximity to sensitive receivers as it may result in complaints from the receivers or action from the Local Authority.

Clement Acoustics provide comprehensive monitoring services, including customisable websites displaying live and historical levels; email and text alerts; multiple threshold triggers; weekly or monthly reports and assistance liaising with the Stakeholders as necessary.

Section 61 Applications

A Section 61, sometimes referred to as S61, is part of the Control of Pollution Act 1974. A Section 61 application is applied for to the Local Authority when noise, vibration or dust pollution during demolition and construction works could have a significant impact on the neighbourhood.

Clement Acoustics is able to prepare S61 applications and liaise with the Local Authority as necessary.



BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a methodology issued by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to assess the environmental qualities of a building or development. Clement Acoustics is an expert in carrying out BREEAM assessments and commissioning.

Noise at Work Assessments

Clement Acoustics provide occupational Noise at Work Assessments in order to ensure employees’ noise exposure levels are minimised and employers fulfil their legal responsibilities.

Expert Witness

An expert witness may be required to provide independent technical advice in formal proceedings to resolve disputed planning applications and litigation.

Clement Acoustics is able to provide expert witness services for a wide range of acoustic, noise and vibration cases.

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